What we offer:

Why Savvy Business Radio?

As host, Christina has the unique ability to connect with each and every guest at an emotional level setting Savvy Business Radio apart from other broadcasts.

If you are an entrepreneur having difficulty reaching your audience and getting your message out to your target market, Savvy Business Radio will help you build the “invisible handshake”, with your prospective clients.

When potential clients hear your story and how you can add value to their lives with your talents and gifts, this will build the emotional connection compelling your potential clients to purchase your product, services, or information.

Call Savvy Business Radio: (732) 474-7375

Christina is multi-talented in her ability to interview her guests on a broad range of topics and ask the right questions. She has a vast network of connections that enable her to draw top talent from a variety of fields that make for some great interviews!
— Jonathan JJ Greenway Former President of Avemco

Where can you Hear Savvy!

Savvy Business Radio is home to over 3.5 million listeners via our AM/FM stations and podcasting platforms globally. Savvy's shows also run in syndication through AMFM247 and iHeart Radio.

iHeart Radio Network is owned by Clear Channel with over 56 million visitors per day.

These AM/FM broadcast can also be accessed through here: AMFM247
Replay and / or download the show broadcast as well on:
Savvy Business Radio,
www.ivoox, (Spain)
Castbox.fm & AMFM247.

Airing at 3pm ET on the following terrestrial radio stations

1520 AM / 99.5 FM Las Vegas, NV (Pacific)
810 AM / 87.9 FM Macon, GA (Eastern)
1640 AM / 102.1 FM Lancaster, PA (Eastern)
96.3 FM Boulder, CO (Mountain)
94.7 FM Pittsburgh, PA (Eastern)
90.3 FM Milwaukee, WI (Central)
1630 AM / 92.1 FM Tampa, FL (Eastern)
101.5 FM Long Beach, CA (Pacific)
97.7 FM “The Villages”, Florida (Eastern)
87.9 FM Colorado Springs, CO (Mountain)
90.3 FM Jacksonville, FL (Eastern)