How to Use Effective Communication to Create a High-Performing Team with Rebecca Teasdale


As one of the founding partners of The TRIspective Group, Rebecca Teasdale continues her career in executive coaching, team development and organizational alignment. Her twenty-two years of experience combines expertise in executive coaching, team development, human capital strategy, talent management and human performance consulting.

Rebecca’s success stems from her ability to combine pragmatism with vision, a personable style with intuition. In working with executives, Rebecca brings a keen ability to listen, hone in on critical issues and provide astute insights on effectively addressing challenges. Her expert-level knowledge in human interaction, leadership practices, executive development, and talent management have made her a great asset to the executives she works with.

Rebecca holds a master’s degree from the University of Colorado and is certified in numerous assessments including Myers-Briggs, FIRO B, the Hogan series, Lominger, DiSC, and multiple 360 assessments.