Richard Brooks Tips to Optimize Your Personal Finance and Investment Portfolio

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Richard Brooks worked in the financial services industry where he was the lead manager of $325 million in assets. His business savvy led him to form his own company RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP, an independent investment advisory firm that utilizes his unique Winning with Counter - Investing strategic platform. Sounds pretty amazing! However, life has not been so easy for Brooks as he's endured and survived a number of catastrophic life-threatening injuries.  At 22 years old he was in an automobile accident injuring his vertebrae, suffered two strokes at age 47 and had a third stroke when he was 52 years old. 


Brooks' tenacity to push forward and never give up mirror his work ethic to never give up and provide the best service for his clients. His investing success and survival against most odds interweave to reveal an inspiring new path to becoming the investor you ought to be. His best-selling book Counter Investing A Winning Approach to Life and Finance is a book on how he and his business survived.